Mini Magnetic Car Phone Holder Dashboard Mount

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Are you tired of buying car phone mounts that do not work? Are they too bulky to hold your phone during bumpy rides?
Fret not! Introducing our Mini Magnetic Car Phone Holder Dashboard Mount.


  • Strong Magnet - It is made of strong magnets producing an intensive force of attraction that will hold any smartphone or mini-tablet. It also ensures you and your phone a safe and smooth trip by holding your phone or keys or anything metal through every bump on the road. 

  • Easy To Install - No tools required. Just stick it to any flat areas and you’re good to go. 

  • Multiple Scenarios - Just stick it in your car, kitchen, office, bedroom, or any areas where you need your devices to be mounted.

How To Use

  • Clean up the surface in a flat and long enough area.

  • Peel off the sticker from the mount and stick it on.

  • Place the magnet metal plate on your phone or between the phone and case. 

  • And all your devices are good to go wherever you want!


Material Zinc Alloy + Silicone
Length 6.9 CM
Weight 38 g


1x Mini Magnetic Car Phone Holder
1x Metal Plate


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